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About WestLine International Education Services

In recent years we can see that there is no boundaries of institutions that have been doing business in the world that globalizing.This shows that there is a need for more interaction and communication, and therefore a need for qualified people. Anyone who has career goals in business or wants to improve himself / herself knows why communication is important. Therefore everyone is trying to learn foreign languages and to experience different cultures closely.

Every counselor in Westline International has experienced these experiences and now it consists of people who are willing to transfer these experiences to new generations. Our work that we are doing and we care about is to show the way to lead, to raise awareness and to realize them in the most economical way for those who want to experience this excitement and experience. Westline is the official agency in Turkey of institutes that teach English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many other languages in all major European countries, from America to China, Russia to South Africa . We have also been successfully conducting educational programs at Summer Schools, Work and Travels, Internships, and organizations that have direct impact on the vision of life, at various points of the world, for students who continue their education at universities or lower level institutions. This work requires experience, trust and a strong infrastructure. That is why we are successful. If you are asking why Westline is one of the leading companies in the sector, you can come to our office for the program you are interested in and you can get the answer.

We have led thousands of participants since 2006 and today we continue to lead hundreds of students for different programs such as Work and Travel, Language Schools, Internships, Summer Schools, Overseas University Locations, positively affect their careers and provide them with the most economical yet at the same time quality service.

Do not hesitate to stop by our office for information on our programs and ask for information. Because we do not consider anyone who visits us as a potential customer ; we are undertaking a mission that has the idea of being freely, professionally informed and guided in areas that everyone is curious about.

Our address : İstiklal Cad. No:75/6 Floor:5 Taksim, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, 34430

Pbx: 0212-241-0283 – Fax: 0212-243-5759 – info@westline.com.tr , info@dilburada.com

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